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For over 60 years, AEG Power Solutions has successfully striven to lead the world in telecom technologies from the fore, an expertise acquired through its history. With our acquisition of Harmer and Simmons in 1995, and later with the merger with Alcatel converters, we expanded our telecoms systems and power supplies ability to remain as one of the world’s leaders in this field. Today with our ecopx hybrid solution, we are leading an increasingly eco-conscious world in cutting costs and emissions and are helping to bring telecommunications to new parts of the developing world where, only a short time ago, telephony provision would have been deemed uneconomical. Underpinning this technology is our large range of premium DC telecom systems and power supplies ensuring that we remain at the forefront in a very competitive market.


Innovative telecom and power supply solutions from one of the world´s most trusted suppliers

AEG Power Solutions delivers a steady stream of innovative products and services tuned to customer´s changing needs. Building on six decades of expertise and customer service, we offer a full range of premium DC systems for telecom and power supplies designed to meet the challenges of an increasingly environmentally-conscious world.

Innovating permanently, we have completed our range with an hybrid power solutions that combines renewable solar or wind energy with battery storage and, if needed a stand-by, diesel generator. The result is an innovative, highly reliable solutions that optimizes the entire energy systems.

ECOpx: Hybrid Energy

Telecom Hybrid Power Solutions for an Eco-conscious World

Hybrid Power Solutions reduce cost and energy consumption and increase reliability.
The ecopx hybrid power solutions delivers a world of benefits for Telecom network:
-Use any combination of diesel, solaror wind power sources
-A single controller manages the power solutions end-toend, selecting appropriate sources
-The flexible, modular solution can easily adapt as your needs evolve
-Innovative, autonomous redudancy enhances reliability and site availability.

The Cost and Carbon Challenge for Wireless Base Stations

Communications Service Providers continue to expand their network coverage into rural and remote areas lacking access to reliable electrical grid power. These base station sites are traditionally powered by diesel generators. An estimated more than 420,000 diesel-powered base stations operate around the world today, with the number expected to grow significantly over the next four years. Diesel fuel consumption and generator management present significant OPEX challenges to network operators. They can even make the difference between profit and loss in low ARPU markets. 


Hybrid Energy Systems

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First hybrid power eco-installation is a success


ECOpx System