Advanced Power Systems

AEG Power Solutions, the global market leader for power control solutions, supplies standard and customized power solutions of superior quality.

Based on reliable, established power technology designs of standard products and power components, AEG Power Solutions offers customized electric power supply solutions in AC or DC technology. They are tailored to the requirements of each individual application, e.g. hydrogen (H2) electrolysis, silicon ingot growing systems, sapphire growing systems or polysilicon deposition.

Even for future-orientated and “confidential technologies” that are still at experimental stage, customers trust the solutions, the support and the experience of AEG Power Solutions.

AEG Power Solutions, the global market leader for power control solutions, supplies standard and customized power controllers of superior quality.
  • Modular DC power supply for industrial high power applications

    10 V to 500 V
    1,500 A to 30,000 A
  • Power Supply for Ballast Water Treatment

  • Power Supply for Sapphire Crystal Growing

  • Silicon Ingot Growing Power Supplies

  • Precise power supply for polysilicon production

    Thyrobox M
    Thyrobox PI
    Thyrobox VSC
  • Modular Fuel Cell Inverterup to 150 kW
    up to 10 modules
  • Hydrogen Electrolysis Power Supplies

  • Dynamic reactive power compensations (STATCOM)

  • Voltage Regulation of Distribution Grids
    Solution for occurring issues due to feed from renewable energies into the electric grid by voltage stabilization
solar inverter, solar central inverter, energy storage


Electrical power generated from any source eventually needs to meet the challenge of how to store excess energy from energy generated when demand is low for use at an unspecified future point in time. This is a particular problem with power generated from renewable energy sources such as solar or wind. Put simply, when there is no sun or wind, there is no power available to be generated.

In order to bridge the gap between exploiting power availability at times that cannot be readily predicted and delivering sufficient power at times of demand, AEG Power Solutions has developed a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) solution.

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Smart Grids 

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