Solar Solutions Central Inverters & PV Monitoring

In the area of advanced solar solutions, AEG Power Solutions offers a worldwide portfolio of PV inverters and services. In the solar industry, AEG Power Solutions` experience dates back to its first 30 kVA solar inverter released in 1984. Today, the Protect PV inverter line draws on this experience to offer solar inverters for use by industry and in power generation. The Protect PV solar inverters are acclaimed for their high efficiency enabling them to generate exceptionally high yields.
AEG Power Solutions also offers worldwide support for solar projects in any phase of development, from the planning phase onward.

solar inverter, solar central inverter, solar monitoring
Central Inverters & PV Monitoring, Solar solutions, solar inverter

Solar Inverters - Overview

The turnkey outdoor solutions: Container and platform stations 

Fully integrated solutions that has been developed specifically for use in photovoltaic power plants. They comprise

  • Up to two solar central inverters,
  • Switchgear,
  • A medium-voltage transformer,
  • Measuring and monitoring components, and
  • Data communication capabilities.

For large-scale and megawatt photovoltaic plants: 

250 to 880 kVA central inverters (applicable in- and outdoor)

  • Stable and reliable
  • Very high efficiency > 98%
  • Excellent availability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lifetime of more than 20 years

Modular design for commercial-scale applications 15 to 150 kVA central

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Solar PV

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  • Container Solution
    500, 1000, 1250 & 1600 kVA
  • Platform Solution
    1000 & 1250 kVA
  • Metal Housing

    for central inverters
  • Outdoor Solutions

    for utility-scale applications
solar inverter, solar central inverter, energy storage


Electrical power generated from any source eventually needs to meet the challenge of how to store excess energy from energy generated when demand is low for use at an unspecified future point in time. This is a particular problem with power generated from renewable energy sources such as solar or wind. Put simply, when there is no sun or wind, there is no power available to be generated.

In order to bridge the gap between exploiting power availability at times that cannot be readily predicted and delivering sufficient power at times of demand, AEG Power Solutions has developed a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) solution.

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Smart Grids 

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