The management and control of facilities is becoming increasingly complex. Producing renewable solar energy requires a complex infrastructure for receiving, converting and delivering the suns energy. Infrastructure systems rely on a power back up and protection systems to ensure that maximum uptime is achieved and blackouts are minimized. All of this needs to happen in a business environment where low running costs and low CO2 emissions are of the utmost importance.


Data & IT UPS

The data and IT server UPS range from AEG Power Solutions uses highly efficient and reliable technologies to ensure that your sensitive networks, small computer centers, intranet and internet servers are always protected against hardware and software damage. The advanced n+x technology meets the demand for greater availability by providing an active redundancy as well as a need for increased output power. Boasting robust and compact rack mountable designs, our Protect B Pro and Protect D. server UPS’s ensure that you receive the latest in intelligent monitoring and modern, user friendly interfaces to ensure that your server power security is never compromised.


UPS & Inverters

AEG Power Solutions are a world leading authority on the development, manufacturing and installation of uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).UPS’s provide a highly reliable power delivery where it is essential that there is no variation in the supply. Often backed up by external power sources such as batteries or generators, a UPS ensures that your supply of AC power is continuous even with a total mains failure, allowing enough time to shut down essential equipment in an orderly manner or to run indefinitely using AEG Power Solutions hybrid ecopx technology or using more traditional fossil fueled alternatives.



Power Supply Modules

AEG Power Solutions offer three types of switch mode system supplies spanning AC/DC (rectifier), DC/DC (converter) and DC/AC (inverter) technologies. Rectifiers convert an AC input voltage into a controlled DC output voltage. They may be used to charge batteries or for the direct supply of DC load to load switches or to DC motor driven applications. Inverters convert a DC input voltage into an AC voltage. They are used whenever AC voltage has to be supplied from a protected DC supply. Converters are used in a variety of systems where a precise DC output voltage is required both transformer and transformerless.


Rectifiers & Chargers

AEG Power solutions offer a range of Thyristor based 1 and 3 phase industrial chargers and rectifiers delivering DC outputs from 9A up to 2500A. Our modern, modular heavy duty industrial design ensures that we can supply a robust, flexible, highly available solution to meet with the needs of your industrial requirements. Able to accept a wide range of battery types and with inbuilt n+1 levels of redundancy, rectifiers and industrial chargers we meet or exceed the highest of international standards for this type of equipment.