Off-grid Power Solutions

Existing off-grid electrification typically includes a diesel generator providing the power requirements. This conventional solution is, at first sight, economical, but is becoming less viable as a solution. In the long run there are major challenges, often due to difficult access in remote areas:
• Reliability of generator due to 100 % operation
• Availability of diesel fuel
• Availability of spare parts and trained engineers for maintenance

Renewable energy sources are environmentally friendly, maintenance free and highly efficient, with a long operating life and comparably low operating expenses. Taking into account these advantages, AEG PS have developed a cost effective robust energy solution.

Hybrid Power Systems

ECOpx innovative hybrid telecoms solutions from AEG Power Solutions delivers a flexible, cost effective answer to delivering power to your telecoms infrastructure in a modern, energy efficient and carbon footprint reducing manner. By combining the best of our UPS technology with renewable energy sources (e.g. solar and wind) with a highly efficient fossil fueled back up power supply, AEG Power Solutions are able to ensure that you have the most efficient and economical load balanced power supply no matter how remote or inaccessible your location.



Solar Central Inverters

AEG Power Solutions has developed the Protect PV central inverters range specifically for the demands of solar power generation. Each individual inverter can provide either 250 or 500 kVA of power, the number of inverters can be scaled up to meet with any additional requirements. System owners typically use fallow open spaces for the module trusses and store additional equipment in containers or housings. For a turn-key solution, AEG Power Solutions also offers the TKS-C series, a ready to use container consisting of two central inverters, a high-performance medium-voltage system and an on-site monitoring and control system.


UPS & Inverters

AEG Power Solutions are a world leading authority on the development, manufacturing and installation of uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).UPS’s provide a highly reliable power delivery where it is essential that there is no variation in the supply. Often backed up by external power sources such as batteries or generators, a UPS ensures that your supply of AC power is continuous even with a total mains failure, allowing enough time to shut down essential equipment in an orderly manner or to run indefinitely using AEG Power Solutions hybrid ecopx technology or using more traditional fossil fueled alternatives.



Rectifiers & Chargers

AEG Power solutions offer a range of Thyristor based 1 and 3 phase industrial chargers and rectifiers delivering DC outputs from 9A up to 2500A. Our modern, modular heavy duty industrial design ensures that we can supply a robust, flexible, highly available solution to meet with the needs of your industrial requirements. Able to accept a wide range of battery types and with inbuilt n+1 levels of redundancy, rectifiers and industrial chargers we meet or exceed the highest of international standards for this type of equipment.


Power Supply Modules

AEG Power Solutions offer three types of switch mode system supplies spanning AC/DC (rectifier), DC/DC (converter) and DC/AC (inverter) technologies. Rectifiers convert an AC input voltage into a controlled DC output voltage. They may be used to charge batteries or for the direct supply of DC load to load switches or to DC motor driven applications. Inverters convert a DC input voltage into an AC voltage. They are used whenever AC voltage has to be supplied from a protected DC supply. Converters are used in a variety of systems where a precise DC output voltage is required both transformer and transformerless.



First hybrid power eco-installation is a success