Polysilicon, Ingots & Wafers

Regardless of whether the silicon is purified in the Czochralski process, in a direct casting process for multicrystalline silicon or in special ribbon growth processes, polycrystalline silicon must first be melted. For optimal crystal growing, the silicon melt must be processed within narrow temperature tolerances. The required precise power control of the heating elements can be done with a power controller from AEG Power Solutions Thyro-Family. These units can be found around the world wherever heating or melting must be done precisely and reliably and to the very highest of production standards.

Polysilicon Systems

Used successfully worldwide, Thyrobox™ power control systems are synonymous with utmost reliability and repeatability in the polysilicon production process. AEG Power Solutions provide custom solutions tailor-made for the polysilicon process. Thanks to their state-of-the-art AC power technology, Thyrobox™ power control systems are extremely energy-efficient and reliable when compared with other technologies. Typical applications in polysilicon production include power supplies for the direct heating of polysilicon rods in the D (deposition) reactor and for the direct heating of graphite elements in the H reactor (STC-TCS converter).


Power Controller Systems

Based on reliable, established power technology designs of standard products and power components, AEG Power Solutions offers electric power supply solutions that are tailored to the requirements of each individual system. Specific customized requirements regarding the power supply can be implemented in the Thyrobox on request to suit particularities within the production process. Focused on minimizing investments and operational costs (CAPEX, OPEX), AEG’s power supply solutions are designed, built, and tested at our facility in Warstein-Belecke – Made in Germany.



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