PV Panel Production

Special solar glass for PV modules has chemical and physical specifications different from that of standard glass. It is produced in float glass lines or in special patterned glass lines. Power Controller solutions for this application include AEG Power Solutions patented ASM synchronization software which delivers minimized load fluctuations and an improved power factor ensuring delivery of production consistency and quality.

Power Controller Systems

Based on reliable, established power technology designs of standard products and power components, AEG Power Solutions offers electric power supply solutions that are tailored to the requirements of each individual system. Specific customized requirements regarding the power supply can be implemented in the Thyrobox on request to suit particularities within the production process. Focused on minimizing investments and operational costs (CAPEX, OPEX), AEG’s power supply solutions are designed, built, and tested at our facility in Warstein-Belecke – Made in Germany.