PV Power Plants

Large-scale PV power plants have especially high standards when it comes to solar inverters and grid connections. Globally, grid feed-in requirements are not uniform, sometimes quite significantly. Local circumstances have to be taken into account in addition to the more standard technical requirements. PV power plant operators can integrate AEG Power Solutions PV inverters into existing systems and thereby simplify the management of their plants with the ability to retrieve easily, historic reference data and relevant statistics.

Solar Central Inverters

AEG Power Solutions has developed the Protect PV central inverters range specifically for the demands of solar power generation. Each individual inverter can provide either 250 or 500 kVA of power, the number of inverters can be scaled up to meet with any additional requirements. System owners typically use fallow open spaces for the module trusses and store additional equipment in containers or housings. For a turn-key solution, AEG Power Solutions also offers the TKS-C series, a ready to use container consisting of two central inverters, a high-performance medium-voltage system and an on-site monitoring and control system.


About AEG PS Solar 

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