Power Distribution

Grid stability is one of the challenges in times of decentralized power generation and a rising percentage of unstable renewable power sources feeding into the grid. AEG Power Solutions developed several solutions to minimize disturbances feeding into the grid and makes use of backup power to compensate load peaks. 


Energy Storage

Today’s and futures power grids are characterised by a high share of renewable energy sources. This leads to a massive fluctuating power injection, which needs to be balanced by electrical energy storage systems. AEG PS has developed a new innovative BESS for low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV).



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Voltage Regulation

AEG Power Solutions offers the Thyrobox VR as a solution for occurring issues due to feed from renewable energies (solar and wind) into the electric grid and the therefore needed voltage stability for all consumers. Profitability, reliability and reproducibility are a must-have for the key properties of this power supply.


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