Wind Energy

At the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, the wind power industry requires reliability and protection in rough environments. Our extensive range of AC and DC power technologies for pitch control systems and condition monitoring is well known for its reliability and efficiency to protect your investment and ensures a maximum energy output by reducing downtimes.

Power Supply Modules

AEG Power Solutions offer three types of switch mode system supplies spanning AC/DC (rectifier), DC/DC (converter) and DC/AC (inverter) technologies. Rectifiers convert an AC input voltage into a controlled DC output voltage. They may be used to charge batteries or for the direct supply of DC load to load switches or to DC motor driven applications. Inverters convert a DC input voltage into an AC voltage. They are used whenever AC voltage has to be supplied from a protected DC supply. Converters are used in a variety of systems where a precise DC output voltage is required both transformer and transformerless.


Rackmount UPS

AEG Power Solutions' 19" rackmount UPS modules provide outstanding performance, superior reliability and long autonomy times. The reliable electronics enable universal operation across the whole apparent and effective power range without loss of power, allowing the inverter to handle very complex loads. With efficient and easy operation, a wide range of accessories and monitoring options as well as the compact design, make these UPS's ideal for rack usage.