Digital Signage

Businesses and public agencies everywhere are switching to LED technology, particularly for outdoor applications such as street lighting, digital signage, scoreboards, billboards and transportation infrastructure. Motivated by long-term savings, organizations invest in LED technology expecting reduced maintenance and lower operating costs. AEG Power Solutions offer a comprehensive range of standard and customizable LED drivers and embedded power solutions to ensure that your business achieves the quality and reliability that it planned for.

Custom LED Drivers

Leveraging years of experience developing power supplies for harsh outdoor environments, AEG Power Solutions is uniquely suited to deliver the custom LED products you need for reliable performance. Applying our vast experience and expertise to your custom project, we’ll deliver best-in-class power supplies that outperform other power supplies, both in terms of reliability and functionality. We use the latest techniques and technologies. Many of our products use current control to regulate output current rather than output voltage.


Embedded Power Supplies

With AEG Power Solutions extensive range of advanced, reliable standard brick products for DC telecom applications, you can be sure that our combination of high quality components and standards applied throughout the supply chain deliver you a first class DC telecoms solution. Backed up by our continuous regime of advanced testing and quality control, we apply more than 80 years of hard fought experience in ensuring that the quality of our standard and customized brick products is second to none. AEG Power Solutions offers, worldwide, a full service range from development to maintenance.