Home and Office IT

The number of households with expensive multimedia and entertainment equipment is growing exponentially, from large flat screen TV sets, mobile telephones, computers and peripherals through to high end AV applications. Surges, frequency variations and full power failure are amongst the potentially damaging threats that you would not normally be protected against in your electricity supply. AEG Power Solutions offers a range of domestic and small office surge protectors and UPS's to suit every budget and application.

Surge Protectors

All surge protection devices from AEG Power Solutions contain the newest generation of metal oxide varistors (MOV) in multi-pole design. These correspond to the IEC category T3 according to the international standard IEC 61 643-1. In comparison to traditional MOV’s they are characterized by the highest levels of thermal stability and contain a separator with an optical indicator. Any connected devices are protected effectively against surges of up to 36,000 A. In cases where traditional MOV's would catch fire, the new generation offers significantly higher protection. This claim is backed up by certification from KEMA KEUR and GS and a 10 years warranty.


Home and Office UPS

AEG Power Solutions offers a range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for use in the home or in a small office environment to protect your PC, phone and network systems from possible damage. Our Protect Home and Protect A products protect your valuable equipment against mains power variations caused by network disruptions, brownouts or voltage peaks using the latest developments in VI (line interactive)and VFD (offline/ standby) technology.