Telecom Infrastructure

Communications service providers continue to expand their network coverage into rural and remote areas lacking access to reliable electrical grid power. These base station sites are traditionally powered by diesel generators. More than 420,000 diesel-powered base stations operate around the world today, with the number expected to grow significantly over the next four years. Diesel fuel consumption and generator management present significant operating expense challenges to network operators. They can even make the difference between profit and loss in low average revenue per user (ARPU) markets.

Hybrid Power Systems

ECOpx innovative hybrid telecoms solutions from AEG Power Solutions delivers a flexible, cost effective answer to delivering power to your telecoms infrastructure in a modern, energy efficient and carbon footprint reducing manner. By combining the best of our UPS technology with renewable energy sources (e.g. solar and wind) with a highly efficient fossil fueled back up power supply, AEG Power Solutions are able to ensure that you have the most efficient and economical load balanced power supply no matter how remote or inaccessible your location.



DC Telecom Systems

AEG Power Solutions has more than 60 years of experience at the cutting edge of supplying power technology to the world’s leading telecommunications companies. With technology solutions in the areas of DSL, mobile, private PBX and our backhaul radio units, AEG Power Solutions can deliver to you the highest of quality and reliability anywhere in the world and built to any set of local standards that may apply.



First hybrid power eco-installation is a success