AEG Power Solutions offer a comprehensive range of traffic and communications solutions from power conversion and delivery, infrastructure through to telecommunications and renewable energy solutions. Whether you are a municipal or trans-national traffic control organization, an EPC, a project manager or an engineering and construction service provider, with AEG Power Solutions you have a power expert where large infrastructure engineering projects are routine and that understands that safety, risk management, business continuity and operational excellence are the key elements to your success.


UPS & Inverters

AEG Power Solutions are a world leading authority on the development, manufacturing and installation of uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).UPS’s provide a highly reliable power delivery where it is essential that there is no variation in the supply. Often backed up by external power sources such as batteries or generators, a UPS ensures that your supply of AC power is continuous even with a total mains failure, allowing enough time to shut down essential equipment in an orderly manner or to run indefinitely using AEG Power Solutions hybrid ecopx technology or using more traditional fossil fueled alternatives.