Do you have an attitude for customer tailored products?

Take a look at our product range. Today, we have close to 100 000 purchase articles in various commodities. Our range is designed to cover all requirements and options that our customers need. Therefore, we need suppliers who understand this and work with us closely together to harmonize articles on a minimum and offer alternatives.


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We offer a wide range of highly reliable, engineered products at competitive prices to our customers to secure their power supply. To make this possible we are looking for partners who can supply products, components, raw material and services. It is essential that our suppliers share our exceptionally high standards of quality and our environmental protection commitlment;  that they work cost effectively and demonstrate flexibility and reliability.

The global commodity organization at AEG can be subdivided in the following main commodities:

  • Batteries & Commercial UPS
  • Mechanical & Assemblies
  • PCBAs & Magnetics

In addition thereof, we have high needs for the following purchasing Programm:

  • IT and communication

  • Marketing services

  • Transport and packaging

  • Services (Facility services, consulting and training, electrical installation, travelmanagement etc.,

  • Workplace equipment (Workers protection, work place and office supplies, hand tools)

Electronic Components


  • Capacitors
  • Diodes

EM Components


  • Fuses

  • Fans

  • Heat Sinks

  • Switches

  • Contactors

Cables & Wires


  • Cable Harness

  • Flat Cables

  • Power Cables

  • Control Cables

  • Cable & Wires Accessories

Connectors & Sockets


  • Connectors

  • Power Connectors

  • Terminal Blocks

  • IC`s sockets

  • USB

Become a supplier

We are constantly looking for partners who have the right strategic fit for long term growth with AEG PS.

After having identified potential partners, we ask you for your Supplier Data and may also ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement. We will place a first sample order with your company and the parts will be checked in detail. For more information about our Initial Sampling Inspection please get in contact with your local purchasing manager.

A successful Initial Sample Inspection is the condition for further requests for quotations. And – should your quotations remain competitive – we will purchase more and more parts from you. Depending on our purchasing volume at your company, we will also ask you to sign a Cooperation Agreement.

Supplier Evaluation Form

Quality Guidelines

Exceeding  customers' needs is one of AEG PS most important drivers. We strive to provide always well-engineered, high quality and highly reliable solutions. One important prerequisite to achieve it, is that no quality problem reaches our supply chain. As a result, we commit to rigorously follow up on our supply chain in order to meet ours and our customers' high quality requirements.

More Information

Purchasing Program

AEG PS ' purchasing programs are global and in line with our business activities. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers anytime, anywhere. A central role is played by group-wide commodity management. It brings together regional strengths and market knowledge in a global organization that closely aligns with customer demand.

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