PCM8001 & PCM1602 DC Kernmodul

Kernmodule für den Einsatz in Stromversorgungssystemen, speziell für die Telekommunikations- und Datenübertragungstechnik. Das PCM8001 und PCM1602 sind 8 kW und 16 kW Kernmodule, die alle grundlegenden Funktionen eines Gleichstromversorgungssystems erfüllen. Durch den Einbau von Wechselstrom- und Gleichstromversorgung sowie Gleichrichterbänken können die unterschiedlichsten Varianten von Gleichstromsystemen versorgt werden.


PCM8001 & PCM1602 - Key Features

» Modular design, simple to install and operate
» Front/top access for ease of installation and maintenance
» Compact, core power module contains ‘essential’ functions - controller, LVDs, shunt, 4 x rectifier slots or 8 x rectifier slots
» Scalable design, factory configured for popular 150A and 300A applications
» Up to three low voltage disconnects (LVDs) configurable for batteries and/or load
» Constant power rectifiers to reduce battery recharge time
» Additional flexible distribution modules (FDM) provide any mix of AC, DC distribution and protection
» System configuration held in non-volatile memory within the core module allowing true plug and play of the ACMi1000HD controller
» Remote monitoring options via modem or LAN (TCP/IP gateway, SNMP, email, Web,...)
» Comprehensive system control functions
» Comprehensive Battery management
» Energy saving functionality with ecopx

PCM8001 & PCM1602 - Description & Applications


The PCM core power system is available in two versions:
PCM8001 - 8kW/166A rectifier system
PCM1602 - 16kW/333A rectifier system

The PCM provides the heart of a DC power system suitable for many applications. Systems can be customised for specific applications, simply by adding flexible distribution modules as required. Just add AC breakers and SPDs and/or DC breakers according to your requirements. Flexible distribution modules (FDM) can be stacked for an almost infinite variety of solutions.


Wireless and Fixed Line communications
Broadband and Network Access
» Small and Medium power systems
» Wireless base stations
» Core networks
» Telecommunications and data networks

PCM8001 & PCM1602 - Specifications


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