Protect 8 R is a rectifier and charger designed for non clean o ice environments combining robustness with high availability. The rectifier has been developed integrating decades of experience (HW components, cabinet design) and is based on the technology platform of the Protect 8 UPS range which has a proven track record for securing power for critical applications. Protect 8 R converts the mains alternating voltage into high-quality direct voltage with battery charge and monitoring controls. An Isolating transformer at the input decouples the DC load and increases immunity against failure. The full digital control architecture of the system includes intelligent SW features which fuurther secures the critical load supply from any possible disruption.

Protect 8 R Industrial Rectifier

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty design
  • Proven microprocessor-controlled thyristor technology
  • Modular building block design from the Protect 8 system
  • High MTBF and low MTTR
  • Built-in protection
  • Digital processing and setting of all parameters
  • Monitoring of all parameters via the front panel display
  • Built-in intelligent battery management
  • Temperature-compensated charge voltage regulation
  • Manual or automatic high rate charge »Parallel operation
  • Bottom cable entry
  • Alarm- and event logger, with a date and time-stamped event log memory
  • Ease of installation, start-up & maintenance
  • International service support


  • High availability thanks to proven thyristor technology in combination with digital control
  • Simple adaption to any type of requirement thanks to its building block design
  • Provides secured DC power to critical loads with high availability over a large DC voltage and power range
  • Compatible with multiple battery types with a wide range of configurations possible
  • Can be used as a direct power supply without batteries in parallel or as a stand-alone unit
  • Flexible adjustment of parameters thanks to full digital control
  • Wide range of variants are made possible by the building block concept


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