Battery Energy Storage for Grid Stabilization

Today’s and futures power grids are characterised by a high share of renewable energy sources. This leads to a massive fluctuating power injection, which needs to be balanced by battery energy storage. AEG PS has developed a new innovative Battery Energy Storage System for low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV), that provides grid stabilization and increased power quality: Four-Quadrant Operation (Active and Reactive Power Control), Peak Shaving and Load Balancing, day to night shifting of renewable PV Energy, reliable PV Power Supply by rolling clouds and provide control power to participate in this market. The further advantage of the AEG PS' new battery energy storage is the ability to control harmonic emissions of power electronic equipment connected to the same busbar, by the use of active damping or active filtering functionality.

Battery Energy Storage, BESS, Grid Stabilization, fluctuating power injection

On-grid solutions

Battery energy storage solutions are designed specifically for facilitating the transition to new ways of generating and distributing electricity. AEG Power Solutions are focusing their efforts on the provision of grid services and in delivering solutions to a variety of problems inherent in the current distribution grid model.

The 3 main steps to be taken around on-grid battery energy storage in Europe are:

  • Include battery energy storage in the operators business model
  • Install significant storage capacity
  • Legal framework should strongly support this development

Off-grid Solutions

Battery energy storage solutions for off-grid are designed primarily for use in “sun-belt” countries with extremely high solar radiation. AEG PS battery energy storage solutions focus on combined PV / energy storage turnkey projects for the provision of basic levels of electrification and for fossil fuel efficiency measures in remote areas.

Main Advantages

With AEG Power Solutions long heritage in delivering reliable and robust technologies for  connecting the generation of power with the grid and end consumer, we are ready now to deliver the very best in battery energy storage technology.

  • Independence in battery selection – almost all available battery types can be used, battery energy storage systems are not bound to any single battery technology
  • Long term expertise with battery technology and grid compliance
  • Tried and tested reliable technology
  • Modular construction concept – allows for easy customization tailored for individual project requirements
  • Straightforward grid compliance (any  international grid code can be adopted)
  • Global back up through international service network
  • Completely integrated turnkey solution
  • Battery Energy Storage, BESS, Grid Stabilization, fluctuating power injection
  • Battery Energy Storage, BESS, Grid Stabilization, fluctuating power injection

Current energy storage systems

There are many battery technologies available, such as lithium-ion, lead-acid, NiCd, Vanadium Redox-Flow, sodium-sulphur or ZEBRA. In general, AEG Power Solutions’ battery energy storage system is already able to use any battery technology that the customer requests today. However, at the moment AEG PS focuses on lead-acid and lithium-ion technologies. Lithium-ion batteries are recommended for high power applications and lead-acid batteries for high capacity applications. Lead-acid batteries cannot be charged at the same rate as lithium-ion batteries, but their discharging behavior is equivalent. Lead-acid batteries are a proven technology, their main advantages continue to be their low price, high availability and simplicity. Lithium-ion batteries offer high energy density, do not suffer from memory effect and are low maintenance.


Future energy storage systems

 In the future, AEG PS looks forward to the incorporation of high-capacity flow battery technology into battery energy storage systems. Flow batteries are rechargeable fuel cells where the electrolyte is stored in an external tank and then pumped or gravity-fed through the cells of a reactor. The advantages offered by flow batteries include rapid recharging and nearly unlimited capacity.

  • Battery Energy Storage, BESS, Grid Stabilization, fluctuating power injection
  • Battery Energy Storage, BESS, Grid Stabilization, fluctuating power injection


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