Hydrogen / Power-to-Gas

The vision is to convert excess renewable energy by use of electrolysis to Hydrogen (H2). H2 then can be used in green mobility as well as for long term energy storage. In a second step H2 and CO2 can be linked in a chemical process to methane. Methane has some key advantages: It is 100% compatible with natural gas, therefore you can feed as much as you want methane into the existing gas pipeline and storage infrastructure. Also important energy density in W/m³ is 3 times more then pure Hydrogen. Methane can be used for all applications where we find natural gas today: power generation, mobility as well as chemical industry. Power to Gas has the potential to be a key element on the way to complete Green Energy supply chain

Hydrogen / Power-to-Gas, Smart grid, thyrobox, H2
  • Modular DC power supply for industrial high power applications

    10 V to 500 V
    1,500 A to 30,000 A

AEG PS part of electrolysis process in technological breakthrough



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