Energy Storage

As the transition to alternative forms of energy such as sun and wind gains momentum, new challenges arise to integrate them into the grid. First one is to store exceeding energy when demand is low and reinject it when peaks of consumption arise. Second is the stability of the grid. Energy storage is part of the answer to those challenges and a key part of the standard power supply solutions of the future. AEG Power Solutions has the unique combination of expertise in power electronics, UPS, grid integration and battery to design and provide the core power electronics components of any battery energy storage system, which can match specific application needs from voltage regulation to full off-grid power generation. 

Battery Energy Storage

Power grids with a high share of renewable energy sources face a massive fluctuating power injection, which needs to be balanced by battery energy storage.

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Hybrid Energy Storage

AEG Power Solutions developed an innovative concept of combining battery energy storage and power-to-heat for energy storage applications. This hybrid storage system significantly reduces the cost of primary-frequency power operation.

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AEG Power Solutions is also contributing to supplying electricity to remote areas of the world. Battery Energy Storage is ideally suited to use in off-grid applications. We provide key components of any battery energy storage off-grid system and links with reliable partners worldwide to provide turnkey solutions when required.

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