Hybrid Storage solution Power-to-Heat combined to Battery Energy Storage

AEG Power Solutions’ response to the growing challenges posed by the transition to alternative forms of energy is an innovative concept and a new business model for providing primary control power combining battery energy storage and power-to-heat. In the hybrid energy storage system engineered by AEG PS energy is stored both in a battery system and in an electrical heating system which are connected to the power converter.

The solution includes storage converters integrated in ISO-metal sheet containers together with an hybrid storage option, low voltage distribution cabinets, auxiliary power supply as well as medium voltage transformers and the heating system in separate enclosures.

This hybrid storage system significantly reduces the cost of primary-frequency power operation. This improves the pay back for the operators of the system and helps to reduce grid fees which is of general public interest.

"We are convinced that this approach is a very cost-effective and highly reliable one to support grid-stabilization requirements. Its first implementation in 2018 is a great achievement for us. We strongly believe that the market for such solutions is maturing now.”


  • 30 - 40% reduced Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) as  the required battery capacity is significantly decreased and the second source of storage (heating) is considerably cheaper
  • Power electronics and all components for grid connection (e.g. transformer) are used twice, for each storage systems which contributes to minimizing installation hardware costs
  • Power-to-Heat can be used in primary and secondary control power market
  • In case of primary control market the necessary battery investment is reduced significantly

Battery Energy Storage Systems Brochure

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