Off-Grid solutions Electricity in remote areas

Reliable power supply is one of the most important growth resources worldwide. AEG Power Solutions is also focusing on supplying electricity to remote areas of the world. An important issue is how clean, reliable electricity can be used in remote areas. Battery Energy Storage is ideally suited to use in off-grid applications. The range of possible applications in such cases is virtually unlimited: remote mines, communication/ industrial sites, or to residential areas. AEG Power Solutions’ provides key components of a battery energy storage off-grid system and links with reliable partners worldwide to provide turnkey solutions if required.
Our converter is designed to be the grid forming unit as it behaves as the voltage source of the system. Its reliability has no match on the market and all dynamics are handled by the unit which significantly reduces costs of the solution. The system is also less complex and easy to maintain.


  • AEG Power Solutions has decades of experience with UPS and power electronics and batteries
  • AEG Power Solutions already has all the necessary permits to connect the solutions to the local grids
  • Reliable, proven systems, based on successful high- performance, solar central inverters
  • Direct development of solutions tailored to each customer’s specific requirements in terms of battery capacity and power throughput
  • Worldwide service and support network

Battery Energy Storage Systems Brochure

  • Convert SC Flex

    Convert SC Flex provides an outstanding conversion efficiency factor for both the charging and discharging phases. Thanks to its wide DC input range, it may be used with any state of the art battery technology currently available. The latest option available features a seamless transition between on-grid and off-grid mode.

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