Production facilities suffer tremendously from downtimes which have a direct impact on stock and  lead time, but can  also generate loss in revenue or damage seriously the entire chain of production equipment. Continuity of processes are crucial and can be supported by adequate AC and DC UPS protection. While reliability and the adapted power rate are key factors in the choice of the equipment, some important features are additional part of the equation:

  • dusty environment requires the adequate IP certified protection of the cabinet and circuit boards to minimize service requirements
  • easy replacement of faulty modules which is made possible by internal redundancy and modular design of the system
  • high efficiency and small footprint

Specific customer needs may require additional options, depending on the environment and main supply. AEG PS solutions can cover all those requirements and also offers AC and DC rackable 19' system which can be embedded in other equipment, PLC or DCS systems.


  • IP certified protected cabinets and circuit boards protected against dust and humidity
  • Small footprint to optimize  production space
  • Single and three phase design
  • Redundancy for maximum protection
  • Scalable  solutions to grow easily with power needs
  • Low operational costs thanks to  high efficiency
  • Specific options to match operational requirements

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  • Protect Flex

    • 10 - 160 kVA
    • modular design
    • up to 4 units in parallel operation

    Protect Flex is based on a new concept of UPS systems that combines a modular architecture based on 10 and 15 kVA/kW hot-swappable power modules with a customizable set of options.

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  • Protect Plus S300

    • 10 - 200 kVA
    • up to 8 units in parallel operations

    The combination of high-level performance, with integrated battery solutions, or inbuilt galvanic isolation, the compact footprint and the wide range of options, make Protect Plus S300 the best solution for the power quality of any critical load.

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  • Protect D

    • 1 - 10 kVA
    • Online / Double Conversion (VFI)
    • For tower and rack usage

    Highly efficient with a compact design, Protect D achieves more than 20% higher power in comparison to conventional UPS systems. Providing outstanding performance, superior reliability and longer autonomy times, Protect D also offers multiple communication options, advanced battery management and graphical control in one modular unit.

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  • Protect 8 INV1/3

    Protect 8 INV is an extremely robust, both electrically and mechanically, industrial inverter. It' is custom-designed for use in harsh industrial environments to meet the toughest requirements at a small footprint. Full digital and redundant controls provide high reliability. The systems' high efficiency is also achieved even at low output power and it is compatible with every type of battery.

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  • Protect MIP INV

    The inverter system is designed for all industrial applications and provides secured power for all types of AC loads. The design is modular and scalable with hot- swappable inverter modules which ensures low Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), reduction in service costs and meets the changing needs for future expansion. The inverter uses “Twin Sine Inverter” (TSI) technology that eliminates all single points of failure with full scalability; up to 32 modules in parallel and high efficiency of up to 96% reducing operating costs.

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  • Protect 8 33 S14

    • 10 - 120 kVA
    • up to 8 units in parallel operation
    • Galvanic isolation at output line

    With the Protect 8 you will benefit from a robust and easy to operate UPS meeting the relevant EMC and other international standards. It can be custom-designed for use in harsh industrial environments. With an expected lifetime of at least 20 years, the Protect 8 is a robust and cost-effective solution optimized for minimal operating costs.

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  • Protect RCS MIPe

    • 1.5 kW - 200 kW
    • Switch mode rectifier technology

    The Protect RCS MIP rectifier system is based on switch mode technology rectifier modules, suitable for industrial applications. It is designed to be scalable, simple to use and easy to maintain with hot swappable rectifier modules. It allows you to benefit from low electromagnetic pollution and high efficiency, resulting in a cost effective system with reduced operating costs, short delivery time and prepared for possible future power expansion.

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  • ECTe

    • 3A - 15A output current

    The ECTe rectifier family represents a technologically advanced solution with the incorporation of a switch mode rectifier system with power factor correction. The system incorporates advanced microprocessor control and allows the charging of batteries, both VRLA sealed lead, and maintenance-free nickel-cadmium batteries. The set has been optimized in small enclosures that house electronics and batteries included in the delivery.

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