Green Hydrogen Production

Green Hydrogen is produced by using renewable energy (e.g. solar and wind) for transportation and storing energy but also to support the decarbonization of heavy industry processes or fuel green mobility fleets. The electrolysis process requires a very specific electrical power supply, which is scalable, modular and fully grid-compliant. The production of green hydrogen needs a reliable DC power supply with good power factor for high efficiency especially at partial load operation to reduce the overall cost of operations of such processes as electrolysis.


For decades AEG Power Solutions has designed and manufactured first choice reliable DC power supply systems to meet the custom requirements of all types of industrial applications, operating in the toughest environments. Heavy duty build quality, proven microprocessor-controlled thyristor technology and modular design are key characteristics of our DC power supply systems.



Why choosing DC power supplies from AEG Power Solutions?

  • Low operational costs
  • Modular and scalable systems
  • Customized solutions
  • Grid compliancy (THDI & PF)
  • High efficiency

Thyrobox DC 3

Scalable DC Power Supply 

Thyrobox DC 3 is based on proven B12 Thyristor Rectifier and IGBT chopper technology. Due to the wide output voltage range, load voltages from 10V up to 1000V can be realized. The smallest Thyrobox DC 3 has an output current of 2000A, which can be modularly expanded to 16000 A.

more about Thyrobox DC 3


Energy Storage & Transportation

The production of hydrogen by electrolysis has been used for nearly 200 years for industrial purposes. The significant availability of cutting edge renewable energy (e.g. wind and solar) has led to the recognition of the importance of hydrogen as a clean and suitable energy storage medium for when renewable energy sources are unavailable.

Hydrogen E-fuel

Fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen powered trucks, trains and even airplanes are on the rise of a new cleaner era beyond combustion engines. Hydrogen offers the potential for switching from fossil fuels to cleaner, sustainable fuels.

Industry Decarbonization

The use of hydrogen as a subsititute to fossil sources can be of interest for the decarbonization of many industrial processes, Potential applications in industry include fossil-free production of steel and other metals, hydrogen-based furnace heating, or production 'raw materials' for the petrochemical industry.