Solar Power Plant

Ongoing innovations in the field of solar power AEG PS turns solar power plans into a grid stabilizing part of the smart grid. Live status data from PV inverters and the solar field can be shared with grid users which allows to control the balancing. The PV inverters can also provide stabilizing reactive power in case of load peaks.FRT (Fault Ride Through) capabilities are configurable for voltages and currents and an innovative FGPA solution allows for detailed customization for all grid codes.

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PV Care Preventive Maintenance

Scheduled and recurring preventive maintenance performed by accredited service experts is known to be the most cost effective approach to secure the full performance of your PV inverter at all times. Through product services such as PV Care Solo, PV Care Safe, PV Care Premium, your AEG PS Service Team provides the ultimate peace of mind, assuring complete cost control, security and maximum yields from your PV installation.

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