Data Centers UPS systems for secured power and high availability

A clean and secure supply of power is critical to today’s data center and IT facilities. Any power failure can have a devastating impact on mission-critical computers, communications and data, resulting in costly downtime.  It is vital that loads remain securely protected from blackouts and other mains electricity disturbances. Energy consumption is also at stake. When it comes to selecting the power solution to secure data centers supply, operational expense is important and overall system Total Cost of Ownership must be considered, especially in the context of evolving power requirements. AEG Power Solutions provide stand-alone or  modular solutions, highly reliable, maximizing the investment and easily scalable with evolving needs.

  • Protect Plus M600

    • 30 - 900 kVA
    • modular design
    • up to 3 units in parallel operation

    Protect Plus M600 is the modular UPS system that combines high AC/AC efficiency values with a compact footprint and a flexible and scalable architecture, able to reach up to 900 kVA.

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  • Protect Plus M400

    • 10 - 160 kVA
    • modular design
    • up to 4 systems in parallel operation

    Protect Plus M400 is a modular on-line (VFI-SS-111) UPS system with a high operating AC/AC efficiency and compact footprint. The Protect Plus M400 is based on a 2U high 10kVA/kW power module, providing up to 40 kVA maximum capacity or 30 kVA N+1 configurations.

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  • Protect 4

    • 160 - 600 kVA
    • up to 8 units in parallel operation

    The Protect 4 has a capacity of up to 600 kVA, ensuring the safe operation of your critical loads. Protect 4 is designed to meet the toughest application requirements and offers high reliability with efficient 12 pulse rectifier technology for sinusoidal input current and for reduced input current harmonic distortion (THDi).

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