Power Generation

Mission-critical applications in the power generation, transmission or distribution industry need 100 % available highly reliable electrical power. Back-up must be redundant and rugged, providing a long service life at minimized operational coasts. Power solutions need to be designed to meet tough environmental conditions and customized requirements to guarantee the continuity of business. AEG Power Solutions has a long expertise and proven track records for securing power in conventional and nuclear applications, but also in providing solutions to integrate smoothly the renewable sources.

Power Generation Brochure

Power Distribution

AEG Power Solutions developed several solutions to minimize disturbances feeding into the grid and makes use of backup power or energy storage systems to compensate load peaks.

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Power Plants

Our specialized power protection systems and customized solutions offer earthquake-proof and powerplant certified analogue technologies.

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Nuclear Power

AEG Power Solutions has a long and reliable history in nuclear applications; our NPP specialists have been assisting Nuclear power plants around the world since 1970. For the nuclear industry, AEG PS provides reliable standard and customized power system solutions.

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Wind Parks

Wind power is one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources. Offshore wind power capacity is strongly developping and should increase by ten-fold in the next decade. AEG PS has a significant track record in securing power for wind turbines application such as pitch control or yaw control systems or critical control equipment on converter platforms and is leveraging its off-shore expertise to serve the development of large off-shore wind parks​.


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