Power Distribution

Grid stability is one of the challenges in times of decentralized power generation and a rising percentage of unstable renewable power sources feeding into the grid. AEG Power Solutions developed several solutions to minimize disturbances feeding into the grid and makes use of backup power or energy storage to compensate load peaks.

  • Protect RCS TPRe TD

    • 20A to 150A output current

    The Protect RCS TPRe TD battery charger system has been developed and designed to provide high reliability power supply and battery charging capability. The system is optimized to secure power for the applications linked to transmission and distribution of electricity. The Protect RCS TPRe TD system is a thyristor-controlled rectifier suitable for charging nickel-cadmium or lead-acid batteries while supplying DC loads.

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  • Convert SC Flex

    Convert SC Flex provides an outstanding conversion efficiency factor for both the charging and discharging phases. Thanks to its wide DC input range, it may be used with any state of the art battery technology currently available. The latest option available features a seamless transition between on-grid and off-grid mode.

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  • Protect MIP rack-mount

    • 24 V / 50 A
    • 48 V / 40 A
    • 120 V / 15 A

    Protect MIP rectifier system is designed to be compact, simple to use and easy to maintain. It allows you to benefit from low electromagnetic pollution and high efficiency, resulting in a cost effective system with reduced operating costs, short delivery time and prepared for easy integration into a cabinet.

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