AEG Power Solution is uniquely positioned in the power supply industry for its ability to protect any critical load related to railway infrastructure. From tramway systems to high speed trains, AEG Power Solutions provides solutions to protect the integrity of assets and to guarantee the safety of staff and users.

Railway Solutions Brochure

Signaling and Electrical substation

AEG Power Solutions secures power for the critical equipment of railways infrastructure such as:

- Signaling systems or level crossing with stand-alone UPS or 24 VDC systems

- Track side substation including catenary supply with DC chargers and batteries/circuit breakers.

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Railway Infrastructure

AEG Power Solutions has a long history of providing power supply solutions for the critical equipment and intricate processes of rail infrastructure:

- Data management back-up

- Emergency lighting

- 48 VDC Telecommunication

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Traction supply

AEG PS is capable of providing a complete UPS and charger solution saving the use of a diesel generator by using the mains as a redundant power source. AEG Power Solutions has developed uninterruptible power supplies that take their input from both the local 400 VAC supply and the 25 kV overhead line (OLE) supply at the same time. The UPS provides redundancy and increases the overall safety of the installation.

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