Traction Supply Up to 25 kV UPS system

AEG PS is capable of providing a complete UPS and charger solution saving the use of a diesel generator by using the mains as a redundant power source. AEG Power Solutions has developed uninterruptible power supplies that take their input from both the local 400 VAC supply and the 25 kV overhead line (OLE) supply at the same time. The UPS provides redundancy and increases the overall safety of the installation. This avoids the use of generators, which require regular maintenance and refueling, an expensive and time-consuming process. The two supplies are combined within the UPS and are used to charge the standby battery and power the inverter. The inverter supplies pure, uninterrupted power to the critical load.

"The system is typical of those installed on the UK’s West Coast Main Line consisting of a 220 kVA ‘Protect 4’ model UPS coupled to 25 kV traction rectifiers supplying 650 V single phase power via a 400 A static transfer switch."


  • Two power sources: catenary and public mains
  • Replacement of diesel generator
  • Full range 10 – 120 kVA
  • Modular traction rectifier, with MTTR <20 minutes
  • Parallel operation for n+1 redundant systems

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