In a globalized world, mobility is a key part of daily business and life. Backed by more than a century of innovation and customer service, AEG Power Solutions offers a full-range of reliable, cost-effective solutions to protect large transportation infrastructure and ensure the continuity of traffic and people’s safety. We can provide the power solutions of choice for such demanding applications as those involved in airport operations or traffic management.


AEG Power Solutions has a long track and is reknown for its high reliable equipment meeting the toughest requirements for offshore substations and ship onboard electronics. Reliability and expertise are key for minimizing risks and achieving the best solution possible.

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Whether you are an airport operator, a project manager or an engineering and construction service provider, we offer a comprehensive range of backup power solutions for critical airport equipment and processes, from air control to ticketing.

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AEG Power Solutions offer a comprehensive range of traffic and communications solutions from power conversion and delivery, infrastructure through to telecommunications and renewable energy solutions. Supported by experts who understand your engineering challenges, AEG Power Solution are the right partner for reliable power supply of large infrastructure projects.

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