Electromobility Battery Energy Storage & Hybrid-Energy

AEG Power Solutions is a member of the Basque Country consortium (Mugielec-Etorgai) to develop innovative Infrastructure of charge electric vehicles

MUGIELEC project:
Design and development of complete systems to charge / recharge electric vehicles in public parking lots.

Electromobility, Battery Energy Storage, Hybrid-Energy

Battery Energy Storage Systems for E-Stations


Peak Shaving and energy storage system for transformation centres in e-stations (Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure). It could, also, be placed wherever a smoothing of the power consumption could be necessary (factories, little renewable solar or wind farms, etc.). The Shavings, in terms of  lowering the “contracted” power rate with the electricity distributor (e-utility), and the balance between stored/injected energy Kwh prices can be easily calculated. 


The (P024 PT2) PS+BS System is a compact, cheap, easy to operate, and reliable solution for those applications where peak power demands (limited in duration and frequency) force operators to contract with E-Utilities a higher (an more expensive), than needed, electrical power. The AEG’s PS+BS system allows a flattened power demand curve by means of a current injection into the internal grid; energy that has previously being stored. A second target is related to the fact energy prices are related to e-power consumption intervals. Having the possibility of storing the energy by means of electrochemical accumulators (batteries), the user would save money charging the batteries when the Kwh price is on the bottom of the price curve and supplying it when the price is higher.   Our system is composed by a Battery Charger, a large TGel Maintenance Free Pb Acid battery, a Battery Monitoring System (BMS) and a variable number of inverters for current injection. An interface gateway included in the scope of delivery, allows the connection by ModBus TPC standard, of the PPS+BS system with a centralized and fully programmable control system named SIA, which establishes the best time to charge or to inject. This SIA supervision and control unit is being developed jointly by ORMAZABAL and Tecnalia companies. The whole system can also be placed into a concrete shelter for easy transportation. Different powers and autonomies are available, depending on customer`s requirements. Nowadays, the demo system delivers up to 60 kW (powers up to 500 kW will be also available) having autonomies of up to 1 h at full power injection. Control system provides different options for setting up the system allowing the operator to configure and operate the system under different scenarios and operation rules. Remote controlling and monitoring is therefore allowed, avoiding operator presence.

Electromobility, Battery Energy Storage, Hybrid-Energy

Hybrid Energy Charging System based on ECOpx


Ecological power supply for charging the Electrical Vehicles. Suitable when a secure and reliable system is needed for keeping the battery of the vehicles charged at any time independently of the availability of renewable energy but prioritizing the green energies. Some other consumptions, which allow good power quality supply (no interruptions nor distortions), as pricing and control system could also be backup by a branch of the outlet.   It also can supply energy to communications modes as the ones used to link different parkings or e-substations with a central node.


The (P024 PT3) ECOPX System is a compact, cheap, easy to operate, and reliable solution for those applications where a green but also secure solution for powering certain loads (as ELECTRICAL Vehicle charging points or communication nodes) is demanded. The ECOPX system is comprised by a single cabinet which handles different energy sources (right now solar and conventional mains but also expandable to wind power and GenSet sources), prioritizing the renewable ones but using conventional ones in case the green ones are not available or are not enough to supply to the loads.   A single supervision unit manages the whole modular input system (output is managed by a second supervision unit only if 230Vac are required), establishing the most cost effective mix of energies. It also switches on/off the most suitable number of rectifiers to allow the system working in the upper zone of the efficiency curve. Other operation modes, like cycling of the modules (to ensure a balanced distribution of the running hours among all the rectifier modules), ensure a high efficiency and reliability for the system.   Just in case of short interruptions of the mains when there is no green energy available, the system is backup by a NiCd free of maintenance battery which assures that no “0” are going to be seen in the load side.   The output can be either 24Vdc or 230Vac and the Max power is limited right now to up to 4,8Kw  (having a redundant module of up to 1,6 Kw).   System is based in Telecom technology, well proven and reliable, highly efficient (up to 96%) and strong to severe environmental and electromagnetic conditions.   The system can be easily remotely operated and it is maintenance free. Moreover, a redundancy in each system (rectifier and inverters) can be easily added.   Indoor and outdoor cabinets can be provided.



Electromobility, Battery Energy Storage, Hybrid-Energy ,Hybrid Energy Chargers

MUGIELEC brings together the main stakeholders in the electrical sector of the Basque Country to respond to needs arising from transition from the current mobility model to a more sustainable system based on the electrification of transport. In order to make this change viable it is necessary first to deploy a network for charging up electric vehicles.

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