AEG - an
industrial legend


The early years

19 April 1883 | Foundation
“Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektricität” (DEG) founded.

12 August 1884 | Power supply for Berlin
The A.G.StEW enters into a concession contract with the city of Berlin to begin the task of supplying Berlin’s electricity.

13 September 1884 | First block power station
Commissioning of the first DEG block power station in a basement at the corner of Unter den Linden and Friedrichstrasse 85, with an output of 100 kW DC and a voltage of 100 V. It supplies Café Bauer and the neighbouring shops and restaurants.

15 August 1885 | First public power station in Germany
The first public power station in Germany begins operation. Built by DEG at Markgrafenstrasse 44, it houses six steam engines each producing around 100 kW (150 horsepower). Barely a year later, a second central power station of comparable size is set up in Mauerstrasse. Its customers are the Königliche Schauspielhaus and the Reichsbank. 1887 sees the first link between two networks fed from these individual power stations.

23 May 1887 | DEG becomes AEG
DEG is restructured and becomes AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitätsgesellschaft).

1889/90 | Development of the squirrel-cage rotor asynchronous induction motor and the three-phase “cage rotor” transformer
The chief designer at AEG, Michail von Dolivo-Dobrowolsky (1862 – 1919), the “father of three-phase AC technology” invents both the squirrel-cage rotor asynchronous motor in 1889 and the three-phase “cage rotor” transformer in 1890. His inventions provide practical applications for three-phase AC power. After the first single cage motor he later also builds his first double cage version. Today, the asynchronous motor is the most widely used electric motor.

1895 | Germany's first three-phase power station
AEG builds Germany’s first three-phase power station, Kraftwerk Oberspree. Industrial firms are its main customers. 

1919 | Foundation of the "OSRAM Werke GmbH KG"
Founding of the “Osram Werke GmbH KG” by AEG, Siemens & Halske and the company “Deutsche Gasglühlicht AG (Auer-Gesellschaft)”.

29. Oktober 1923 | First German radio station
The first German radio station starts operating in Berlin’s Vox-Haus using Telefunken equipment.

1945 | Foundation of AEG SVS Power Supply Systems
Foundation of AEG SVS Power Supply Systems in Warstein-Belecke (Germany) with 25 employees.

1958 | "AEG - Aus Erfahrung Gut"
Construction of the first, German “Experimental Nuclear Power Station” at Kahl am Main. Orders for boiling-water reactors in Lingen, Gundremmingen and Würgassen follow. The slogan “AEG – aus Erfahrung gut” (AEG – Good from experience) is used for the first time for AEG household appliances.

1959 | Completion of the first Telefunken high speed digital computer – TR4
It is the first mainframe computer developed and manufactured in Europe. In the same year the company produced the first fully transistorized analogue computer, the RAT 700.

3rd January 1963 | First demonstration of PAL colour television format
The PAL colour television format (Phase-Alternating-Line), developed at Telefunken by Walter Bruch (1908–1990), is demonstrated for the first time to experts of the European Broadcasting Union

1982| Solar research center founded & Europes largest solar farm
Dr Andreas von Bülow lays foundation stones of new AEG-Telefunken “Solarzentrum” works in Holstein. AEG build Europes largest solar farm (300KW) on the North Frisian island of Pellworm.

1987 | Battery storage plant for Steglitz power station
The lights never go out in West Berlin – AEG builds a heavy-duty 20 MW, battery storage plant for Steglitz power station that is both technically and economically effective. It stores electrical energy and bridges power station outages with instantaneous release of energy at any given time.

1996 | Dissolution of the AEG Group
At the beginning of June the Annual General Meeting of Daimler-Benz AG decides on the possible dissolution of the AEG Group. After 113 years, the AEG company and its remaining assets are transferred to the Daimler Benz subsidiary EHG (Elektro-holding GmbH), Frankfurt am Main alongside the simultaneous merger with Daimler Benz AG. This company later sells the global AEG brand rights for numerous product groups to Electrolux (2004).

2002 | Saft Power Systems
Saft Power Systems aquires AEG SVS Power Supply Systems and merges with Alcatel Converters

2008 | AEG Power Solutions
Rebranding of the group from Saft Power Systems to AEG Power Solutions.

2010 | AEG PS becomes a public company
The company becomes publicly traded, listed first on Euronext, Amsterdam, then on Frankfurt Stock Exchange





Born from the industrial revolution

Some of AEG PS major innovations

Breakthrough in polysilicon production efficiency

Thyrobox PI (process Improvement) represents a technological breakthrough in polysilicon production efficiency. This results in an overall annual increase in the production volume of each polysilicon reactor and plant.

Ultra-efficient (>98.7%) inverter for photovoltaic power plants 

A power stack with advance-design measuring and control technology, which provides an inverter efficiency factor of 98.7% (certified by Fraunhofer ISE).

Highly efficient and easily scalable rectifier system

A modular and scalable design with hot-swappable rectifier modules which assures low Mean Time to Repair, reduction in service costs and meets future expansion requirements.

First ultra-small medium voltage ignition power supply for ingiting of polysilicon reactors

First power controller with complete digital 16/24 bit scope

Thyro-Family becomes the worlds first complete thyristor power controller, which is fully digital and communication capable via field bus systems.

First 100% digital UPS in the world

The micro-processor controlled UPS ensures a higher level of quality and immunity. Through the use of fewer analog elements, the MTBF rises significantly.

First single-phase power controller for transformer type loads


Leading the energy evolution

Ongoing Innovations

Thyrobox VR

Voltage Regulation of Distribution Grids
AEG Power Solutions offers the Thyrobox VR as a solution for occurring issues due to feed from renewable energies (solar and wind) into the electric grid and the therefore needed voltage stability for all consumers. Profitability, reliability and reproducibility are a must-have for the key properties of this power supply.


Protect PV.500-UL

Solar Central Inverter
Certified to UL-1741, the Protect PV.500-UL inverter from AEG Power Solutions offers professional solutions for utility-scale applications. A key feature of the PV product line is its power stack with advance-design measuring and control technology enabling DC input voltages of up to 1000 VDC. In addition to savings on DC wiring and combiner boxes as a result of the higher DC input voltage, the UL-1741 certified Protect PV.500-UL meets utility code requirements and facilitates AHJ approval.



Rectifier Module
The SMi2000FE, using the new Full Efficiency platform, is a ultra-high efficiency 48 VDC rectifier, fully plug & play with backwards compatibility with installed systems using rectifiers from the previous generation (SMi2000HD). With a typical flat efficiency feature higher than 96 % achieved within 30 – 70 % of load and higher than 95.5 % achieved within 25 – 90 % of load, OPEX is reduced. The ability to operate at high temperature, without de-rating, reduces or eliminates the need for expensive air conditioning with its heavy CO2 burden and high OPEX. Finally, our all-digital DSP architecture achieves very high levels of circuit integration attaining the very best in reliability.


Protect PV.630

Solar Central Inverter
The technical highlight of the new inverter is its power stack PV core, designed in-house with a special control system. This allows for an input DC voltage of up to 1,000 V and, with its optimized pulse pattern, provides high efficiency levels. This enables the efficient use of thin-film modules and cost-efficient equipment planning. The total concept is flexible and adjustable to customer specific requirements and is applicable for almost all grid codes worldwide.



Extended Life LED driver
With a heritage of design experience in the telecommunications market where products are expected to last 20 years or longer, AEG PS has applied that expertise to the development of its LED drivers. The new drivers make use of a proprietary design approach coupled with the use of higher reliability components, optimized board layout and thermal considerations to make the EP100D Series the most reliable on the market.


Protect BLUE

Data Center UPS
The new UPS series Protect Blue by AEG Power Solutions offers a highly efficient UPS solution for large data centers and  IT applications in power ranges up to 4 MVA. In times of constantly increasing energy prices, Protect Blue helps reduce the costs for operation and cooling to a great extent through high efficiency. Protect Blue is able to feed energy back into the circuit and to  communicate with intelligent power supply systems. This allows for future energy demands and price oriented management with regard to alternative energy sources.


Protect MIP 3

Modular Rectifier System
New Generation MIP 3 is unique on the market in that it is equipped as standard with intelligent battery management for a broad variety of battery types including nickel-cadmium (NiCd), lead-calcium and lead acid. The exceptionally wide scalable power range even descends to the level of small current amps.



Engineering smart grid solutions

Visionary Engineering

Visionary engineering is the core philosophy of AEG's founder Emil Rathenau. We prepare the future today. Our customers can rely on state-of-the-art technology together with future-proof design. With over 250 engineers, technicians and project managers, AEG Power Solutions’ R&D pioneers power management solutions in the green energy revolution, leveraging decades of power electronic expertise. This constant innovation process is evidenced by 97 active patents in power supply. The unique combination of technology and know-how in both infrastructure and renewable energy positions AEG Power Solutions at the forefront of the coming smart grid revolution.

Discover our ideas today for the smart power grids of tomorrow