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Securing reliable power for critical infrastructure

AEG Power Solutions ensures continuous availability of power and the safe operation of critical applications in all environments. AEG PS has a proven track record for developing solutions for highly demanding applications in all types of infrastructures.

Since its creation more than a century ago, AEG has stood for rugged reliability and world-class engineering, including 60 years’ experience in power electronics and UPS. Our customers know that they can rely fully on AEG PS for innovative power solutions that protect people, investments, data and businesses.


Thanks to its long history the Group is present in all key global markets, with offices and competence centers around the world.

Uninterruptible Power Supply & Service

AEG PS Group provides reliable custom and standard power system solutions, particularly UPS Systems and industrial chargers, that ensure continuous power for rugged industrial infrastructure applications, including oil and gas, transportation, power generation, power transmission and distribution, and process manufacturing.

Our goal is to secure the power supply chain all times, in the most reliable way, and to make it simple for our customers. We strive to the deliver outstanding service, innovative products and customizable, robust and reliable solutions that meet the demands of today’s energy provision and to prepare for tomorrows challenges. AEG Power AEG Power Solutions is uniquely positioned to benefit long-term from emerging demand for intelligent micro-energy grids and the increasing demand for reliable renewable energy sources that will grow over the coming years.

Advanced Systems

The growing generation and integration of renewable energy sources create new challenges for the public grid, especially regarding grid stabilization and grid leveling. AEG PS Group provides highly customized power systems to support integration of the renewable energies into the grid, solutions for energy storage and solar solutions.

Our solar solutions comprise a comprehensive range of solar inverters and an acknowledged expertise in utility-scale equipment which enable us to provide complete balance systems for solar farms.

A unique business model

Thanks to its distinctive expertise bridging both AC and DC power technologies and spanning the world of both conventional and renewable energy, the company is uniquely positioned to create innovative solutions for smart grid.

The convergence of renewable energy and global infrastructure powering know-how allows AEG Power Solutions to enable intelligent integration of power supply and demand, thus providing innovative power management solutions to our customers.

The values that drive our business relationships are:

  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Ethical business behavior

AEG Power Solutions Group is the sole subsidiary of the holding company 3W Power S.A.

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Innovation, expertise and experience for the last 125 years. Discover AEG’s long history as power electronics provider.

With our global footprint we offer our expertise and services around the world.

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