Company history

AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitätz-Gesellschaft) was founded in 1887 by Emil Rathenau as a direct competitor to the US based, General Electric but soon diversified into pioneering work on AC transmission systems. AEG expanded rapidly always leading the world in innovation and delivering solutions to the particular technological challenges of the time. In 1947, AEG Power Solutions established itself anew as a leader in the technological fields of power interfaces to the electrical grid, where it continues to excel to this day.

  1. JAN 2014

    Business Refocus

    Refocusing business and footprint on core business:power supply systems and service for critical processes and applications and developing solutions for renewable energy integration

  2. DEC 2010

    Stock Listing in Frankfurt (GER)

    3W Power / AEG Power Solutions listed in Frankfurt Stock Exchange Regulated Market

  3. SEP 2009

    Acquisition by Germany1

    AEG Power Solutions is acquired by special purpose acquisition vehicle Germany1 and becomes a public company.

  4. NOV 2008

    Group Renaming into AEG Power Solutions

    The group is renamed AEG Power Solutions

  5. 2005

    SAFT Power Systems Group acquired by Ripplewood Holdings

    Saft Power Systems Group is acquired by private equity firm, Ripplewood Holdings, consisting of three units: Saft Power Systems, AEG Power Supply Systems and Harmer & Simmons

  6. Combination of Expertise

  7. 2002

    Merger of Saft Power Systems and Alcatel Converters

    Merger of Saft Power Systems and Alcatel Converters to form Saft Power Systems Group; this new world leader in power conversion is a division of Alcatel

  8. 1998

    Acquisition of AEG Power Supply Systems

    Saft Power Systems acquires AEG SVS Power Supply Systems GmbH in Germany reinforcing its UPS systems product portfolio and its position in Germany and Eastern Europe

  9. 1992

    Acquisition of NIFE Group

    Saft Power Systems strengthens its international presence and broadens its product portfolio with the acquisition of NIFE Group in Sweden

  10. Heritage

  11. 1947

    Battery chargers & power systems by SAFT

    Saft expands its product portfolio with a range of innovative battery chargers and power systems: Saft Power Systems is created

  12. 1945

    Foundation of AEG plant

    Creation of an AEG plant in Warstein-Belecke, Germany

  13. 1928

    Aquisition of SAFT

    Acquisition of Saft by Compagnie Générale d’Electricité (which later became Alcatel)

  14. 1927

    Harmer & Simmons

    Establishment of Harmer & Simmons in the UK. Initially manufacturing sound amplifiers, the company soon becomes a telecom power supply expert.

  15. 1918

    SAFT S.A. founded in France

    Société des Accumulateurs Fixes et de Traction (Saft S.A.) is founded in France by two Swiss electrochemists to manufacture and distribute nickel-based batteries for industrial applications and storehouse trolleys

  16. 1887

    AEG brand name is born

    DEG is renamed Allgemeine Electricitäts Gesellschaft (engl.: General Electric Company) –the AEG brand is born

  17. 1883

    Emil Rathenau founding DEG

    Berlin engineer Emil Rathenau acquires the Edison patents for Germany and creates the Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft (DEG) (German Edison Company)