We keep the power on

If your business absolutely cannot risk grid issues or power outages, you can count on us to keep your equipment running safely and smoothly.

Critical Power Solutions

Our range of critical power solutions provides full power protection against mains power issues, which drastically reduces the risk of critical process downtime, data loss, and safety system failures.


Operating safely in the oil, gas and petrochemical sector requires 100% reliable electrical power. We bring you the most advanced and reliable solutions that can deliver results in the harshest of environments.


Nuclear power stations require a consistent, reliable power supply at all times to help ensure that they run safely. We develop certified customizable solutions that meet the unique demands of each plant.


Our rugged, long-life totally reliable electrical power back-ups safely generate and continually distribute conventional and renewable power in even the most challenging environments.


With billions of people travelling by land, sea and air every day of the year, unexpected power failures can put journeys and lives at risk. But with our expertise and equipment on your side, we help you to keep people moving safely.


Data and IT businesses face many threats. So, they simply can’t afford to be left vulnerable to data loss by degraded or unreliable power supplies. We develop specially tailored solutions that safeguard against mains failures, surges and other issues.


Our customer-specific critical power solutions enable businesses from a range of industries, including manufacturing, metals & mining, chemicals and building infrastructure to consistently operate safely and efficiently.

Call in the experts

We are ready and waiting to offer trusted, expert advice on how to overcome your power challenges and set your organization up for the future. Please get in touch and we will show you what we can do.

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