Powering the oil and gas sector

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) are crucial to ensuring the safety of people working in this sector in addition to ensuring seamless operations.

Safe, secure and reliable solutions

Upstream, downstream, offshore or onshore, we provide UPS systems that oil and gas applications can count on to keep the power flowing, even in the toughest of conditions.

We provide ups systems for
Exploration and Production (Onshore/Offshore)

Oil and gas fields, ranging from onshore wellhead field to unmanned offshore platforms, FPSO-Floating Production Storage and Offloading units, FLNG-Floating and Liquefied Natural Gas units.

Gas Processing

Including compression, desulfurization units, LNG trains, GTL processing units, export, import and storage terminals.


From natural gas compressor stations to booster stations in remote locations.

Refining and Petrochemicals

From steam and catalytic cracking units to complete refining and petrochemical plants.

Key applications
An uncompromising approach to safety

Due to the high level of risks in this sector, reliable UPS is crucial to ensuring continuous power to vital systems like fire and gas detection devices, emergency shutdown devices (ESD), emergency lighting, helicopter landing areas, navigational instruments, onboard weather stations and communication systems.


As any interruption of production may cause huge financial losses, UPS systems are vital for key process control systems that require clean and reliable power at all times. These may include instrumentation, motors and pumps starting, and data processing in control rooms or SCADA systems.

Power management

Mains shut down may cause a long reset and restart process. For this reason, UPS are used to protect power generation turbine process control systems, as well as HV switchgears.

Expert ups solutions

Our oil and gas UPS systems are designed to perform for over 20 years. They offer customization to meet your unique requirements.


Choosing the right partner and the right UPS is very important in oil and gas, so we would like to highlight some of the main design considerations to help you make the right choice:

  • Centralized UPS will be used in places where physical space has a high-cost impact. This saves square meters for other necessary critical equipment.

  • Isolating transformers must nearly always be considered. This ensures galvanic isolation between all main circuits.

  • A battery monitoring solution can also be a cost saving point. The permanent monitoring of each battery block or battery cell helps on-site maintenance engineers tracking the battery operation conditions.

  • Dedicated solutions to ensure proper operation of UPS systems must also be considered. For example, IECEx/ATEX battery circuit protection box, temperature sensors, or status signals from external devices (e.g. HVAC system) can be provided to the UPS.

  • DC and AC UPS in 100% redundant and fully rated configuration should be considered. This helps ensure permanent power protection of all safety devices.

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Browse a range of specialist products that are perfect for oil and gas applications.

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