Our critical UPS solutions protect your processes by making sure the power stays on, your computers stay online, and your production lines keep running smoothly.


Our specialists source and implement the perfect combination of UPS systems and power distribution equipment to meet the needs of your business. We tailor customer-specific solutions that keep your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) operational, even during power outages. This gives you confidence and certainty that your building facility infrastructure, including management systems, computing, storage and networking equipment, security systems, lighting will continue to function effectively in the event of power issues.

We provide ups systems for

With the manufacturing sector opting for higher automation and building-block designs, there is an increased reliance on robotics, data and machinery. Our world-class UPS solutions prevent costly downtime by providing backup power systems that you can rely on to keep your production facilities running during power issues.

Metals & Mining

Keeping workers safe and protecting heavy industrial processes is absolutely crucial in metals and mining. Our UPS systems deliver the highest levels of reliability and build quality. This means that our standard and customized power supply solutions can give you the power and the confidence to carry out mission-critical applications safely.


Processes in the chemical industry are often implemented by sensitive highly automated machinery that’s specifically designed to deliver high levels of efficiency and safety. When these systems lose power, it can result in very expensive downtime, damage to equipment and even put workers’ lives at risk. AEG Power Solutions has a long track record of delivering well-planned, extremely reliable UPS systems to organizations in this sector.

Building Automation

Safe, efficient and sustainable modern buildings require a clean and secure power supply to fulfil their purpose. We provide highly reliable stand-alone or modular UPS solutions that keep your building automation systems up and running at all times.


Browse a range of specialist products that are perfect for Process & Light Industry applications.

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