Billions of people rely on uninterruptible power supplies in public transport networks every day to keep passengers safe and goods moving.


We offer a full range of innovative and reliable power solutions that support all kinds of transportation infrastructure around the globe.

We provide ups systems for

Airport power substation, air traffic control systems, baggage handling systems, travelers’ information panels, security check infrastructures and data processing systems.

Railways and Metros

Line power substations, ticketing systems, travelers’ information panels, platform screen doors, railway tracking and position monitoring systems, signaling systems, GSM-R telecommunication systems, SMPS modules and UPS for track side substations.


Cruise ships, tankers, offshore floating platforms, FPSO, FLNG and FSO. Our products can be certified by appropriate marine certification bodies, according to the hull identification number.


Traffic sensors, automatic information panels, traffic control centers, traffic toll gates, telecommunication and telemonitoring systems, CCTV, tunnel safety and ventilation systems.

Key applications

From air traffic control systems to emergency and runway lighting, our UPS systems provide airport infrastructures with the extremely reliable power supplies necessary to keep passengers safe and airport infrastructures operational. Our solutions can also protect sensitive equipment like radar by ensuring appropriate power conditioning and continuity.

Railways and Metros

UPS systems are vital to ensuring uninterruptible power to crucial rail infrastructure like traffic control systems, trackside traffic lights, track points and axle counter systems, tunnel safety systems. We can also design and implement specific solutions that supply power using mains power from the train catenary. When located close to the rail track, UPS systems must be able to withstand high vibration levels.


Onboard electronics and offshore substations are subject to harsh environments and therefore require UPS systems that ensure continuous power in the toughest situations (high level of humidity, corrosion, vibrations). We can deliver bespoke DC and AC systems with suitable batteries and tailored to customer specific requirements for usage on cruise ships.


Our comprehensive range of UPS systems keep the power and traffic flowing smoothly. Whether you are a municipal or trans-national traffic control organization, an EPC, a project manager or an engineering and construction service provider, our solutions support safety, manage risk and help ensure business continuity and operational performance.


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