DC Systems Converters & Renewables Integration Systems for Energy Transition Applications

AEG Power Solutions has decades of experience with UPS and power electronics and grid integration. It has leveraged its conversion expertise to engineer, at a first step, high-performance solar central solar inverters and at a second step, to design the core power electronic components that can be used with any battery energy storage system.


Thanks to its proven technologies, which are used throughout the power grid, AEG Power Solutions is ideally positioned to deliver solutions which can connect the energy storage system to any grid for many applications, or support full off-grid power generation.

Scalable Plug & Play Solutions

To reduce footprint, and installation time and cost on site, AEG Power Solutions is offering in- and outdoor plug & play solutions comprising up to 8 DC-3 in parallel, transformer, paralleling cabinets and cooling system, providing up to 10 MW, 1000 VDC and 16 kADC. Depending on the required power output and customer requirements, AEG Power Solutions is integrating the modular building blocks on a skid or in a container.

Call in the experts

We are ready and waiting to offer trusted, expert advice on how to overcome your power challenges and set your organization up for the future. Please get in touch and we will show you what we can do.

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