We enable businesses to transform renewable energy sources, like solar and wind power, into green hydrogen at the lowest levelized costs via water electrolysis. We do this by providing grid-compliant, easy-to-control, robust, compact, efficient and stable multi-MW DC power supply systems for hydrogen electrolyzers.


We delivered our first DC power supply to the biggest hydrogen installation in Europe in 2009, since then we have built up a reputation as a pioneer in this market, continuously optimizing our scalable modular DC power supply systems for this process.


The AEG Power Solutions DC-3 electrolyzer power supply can provide high and stable current and power over a large voltage range. And we are also able to optimize your green hydrogen production through intermittent and fluctuating renewable energy sources as our electrolyzer power converters provide high DC dynamics, high efficiency grid compliance even at partial load operation.

Energy Storage and Transport

The production of hydrogen by electrolysis has been used for nearly 200 years for industrial purposes. The rapid expansion of intermittent renewable energies in the energy mix (in particular wind and solar) will increase the importance of hydrogen as a suitable clean energy storage medium when renewable energy sources are unavailable.

Hydrogen-based E-fuels

Hydrogen-powered cars, trucks, trains and even airplanes are on the rise, beckoning a new, cleaner era beyond fossil-fueled mobility. Green Hydrogen also offers the potential for switching from fossil fuels to cleaner, more sustainable e-fuels without changing the downstream supply chain. AEG Power Solutions multi-MW converters are also suitable for powering the cracking process of CO2, necessary to produce the fuel-grade synthetic hydrocarbons.

Industrial Feedstock and Heat Production

The use of hydrogen as a substitute for fossil sources can be of interest for the decarbonization of many hard-to-electrify industrial processes. Potential applications in industry include fossil-free production of steel, hydrogen-based furnace heating, or the production of hydrogen as feedstock for the petrochemical and refining industry.

Scalable Plug & Play Solutions

To reduce footprint, and installation time and cost on site, AEG Power Solutions is offering in-and-outdoor plug & play solutions comprising up to 8 DC-3 in parallel, transformer, paralleling cabinets and cooling system, providing up to 10 MW, 1000 VDC and 16 kADC. Depending on the required power output and customer requirements, AEG Power Solutions is integrating the modular building blocks on a skid or in a container.


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