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Benefits for resellers

through unique products and excellent services:


The shutdown and UPS management software „CompuWatch“ is compatible with all common operating systems like MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, VMware ESX ...


The product range contains UPS systems in all power classes from 500 VA up to 24,000 VA and surge protectors. Every series was developed for a special application. The UPS product range includes offline, line-interactive and online technologies. Additional features and design make our surge protectors unique protection devices.


AEG PS is a leading german manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply systems especially in the industrial sector. Over 60 years of experience, more than 250 engineers and 70 active patents stands for our know-how.


AEG PS offers a 24 months standard warranty on all 1-phase which can be extended to 36 months for free. This warranty covers UPS & battery systems which is a unique benefit in the UPS market. The warranty can also be extended with the Pro-Care Garant PLUS service package to 60 months. RMA requests will be handled very quickly within 3 working days.


Our service team contains more than 60 technicians based in Germany. Please contact our local AEG team for a quotation of individual maintenance or installation services.


Any questions? Get directly in contact with the responsible persons. Our engineers help you at the 24/7 hotline with planning, installing and any other problems.


AEG Power Solutions was a part of the famous AEG group which stands for german know-how and engineering. Since 2005 the AEG Power Solutions Group is independent and combines the activites of AEG PS, Saft Power Systems and Harmer&Simmons. The name AEG Power Solutions combines excellent reputition with high brand awareness in customers mindset.


Since the beginning of AEG all products followed a functional design which represents the idea of the leading AEG engineer Peter Behrens. With its clear and userfriendly design AEG PS sets a new standard in UPS systems.


P3 Power Partner Program

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Partner Program

The AEG PS P3 Power Partner Program


Power Partner Program

When you partner AEG Power Solutions you put a world-class power behind your reseller business. As a global power solutions provider, we help customers worldwide meet their power challenges with a complete range of quality UPS and power protection products and services. Along with our long experience in power, it’s the technology and capability they need to keep their facilities and networks running smoothly 24/7/365.

Tiers and benefits:

Our 2010 Power Partner Program is designed to help us build productive partnerships with successful resellers, helping you to grow your business and us to grow ours - together. As a Partner, you’ll benefit from valuable privileges and access to our solutions. Plus our Program is divided into two tiers, each with benefits tailored to different performance expectations. And from 2011 we will add a new, privileged tier for our top performing partners. It’s all part of our commitment to providing you with the support you need to succeed.

Tier 1
Performance Partner

Tier 2
Premium Partner

Tier 3
Premium PLUS Partner

Early updates on new products and launches

Access to PartnerNet portal for product and marketing resources

Regular newsletters

Use of Partner tier logo

Listing on online AEGPS Reseller Locator

Access to at least 1 AEGPS Sales Champion

Sales leads

In-house training

Discounts on demo products, service packages and project registrations

Premium Partner certificate and plaque

MDF to drive marketing initiatives

Online AEGPS listing as Premium Plus partner

Enhanced benefits for project registration

Higher margin and profit opportunities




P3 Power Partner Program

PDF, 715KB


1-phase UPS systems

From small home applications up to modular server solutions


  • UPS configurator
    The right UPS solutions is just a few clicks away!
    With the 1-phase UPS configurator you quickly find the right UPS system for your requirements.
  • Protect Home - offline UPS

    VFD (Offline)

  • Protect A line-interactive UPS

    VI (Line-interactive)

    500 VA
    700 VA
    1200 VA
    1600 VA
  • Protect Alpha Line-inactive UPS

    VI (Line-interactive)

    450 VA
    600 VA
    800 VA
    1200 VA
  • Protect B.PRO line-interactive UPS, Tower-Rack

    line-interactive (VI)
    500 VA1000 VA
    750 VA1500 VA

    special version for NAS applications available
  • Protect B.PRO line-interactive UPS, Tower-Rack

    line-interactive (VI)
    750 VA1800 VA
    1000 VA2300 VA
    1400 VA3000 VA
  • Protect C online UPS

    double-conversion (VFI)
    1 kVA2 kVA3 kVA

    parallel mode possible:
    6 kVA10 kVA
  • Protec C Rack mount UPS
    Rackmount UPS online / double-conversion (VFI)

    3000 VA
  • Protect D line-interactive UPS (double-conversion) Rackmount
    Rackmount UPS

    double-conversion (VFI)
    1000 VA1500 VA
    2000 VA3000 VA

    parallel mode possible:
    6000 VA10000 VA
  • Protect 1 online Tower UPS

    online / double-conversion (VFI)

    10 kVA
    15 kVA
    20 kVA
  • Modular UPS

    10 - 40 kVA
    1/1, 3/1 or 3/3 phase

    up to 4 UPS in parallel operations
  • Rack solution with a 6-20 kVA UPS including rack cabinet, power distribution, UPS communication and an uninteruptible power supply as single, parallel or A/B busbar concept.
  • for all Compact UPS up to 24kVA. Register your UPS and extend the warranty to 36 months for UPS & battery
  • for Protect B. PRO / C. / D. / 1. and 1.M with advanced replacement service

Surge Protection Devices

A complimentary protection portfolio for retailers


Surge Protection Devices

For retailers we offer a special selection of surge protection devices. The surge protectors contain the newest generation of Metal Oxide Varistors in multi-pole design. These correspond to the IEC category T3 according to the international standard IEC 61 643-1. In Comparison to traditional MOVs they are characterized by highest thermal stability and contain a separator with optical indicator. So the connected devices are effectively protected against surges of up to 36,000 A. In case where traditional MOVs could catch fire the new generation offers now a higher protection. This is proofed by the certificates of KEMA KEUR and GS.
  • Surge Protector

    Protection for all standard applications
  • Surge Protector

    Protection on the way with protected USB chargers
  • Surge Protector

    Intelligent protection for entertainment equipment with Master-Slave-Function
  • Surge Protector

    Security for various applicaions with protected USB chargers
  • Surge Protector

    Business solution with surge protection
  • Surge Protector

    Compact protection for PC and peripheral equipment


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