AEG Power Solutions Announces Successful Commissioning of Industrial UPS Protect 8 with Flex’ion Lithium-ion Batteries for Dow Chemical

– First of a brand-new concept developed by AEG Power Solutions

– Environmental and space constraints are the main driver from DOW Chemical for a UPS application with Li-ion battery technology


Zwanenburg, The Netherlands, March 7, 2019–,AEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power supply systems and solutions for all types of critical and demanding applications, today announced that it successfully commissioned the first Protect 8 industrial UPS equipped with Flex’ion Lithium-ion batteries to secure power for the manufacturing control process  in Dow Chemical’s major production site in Stade (Germany).


The solution is composed of Protect 8.33 S10 60kVA, industrial UPS system with input transformer and 3-phase output and Saft batteries, using Super Lithium Iron Phosphate (SLFPTM) proprietary technology. The Saft SLFPTM battery has a nominal power of 36 kW for a backup time of 90 minutes. The battery package includes 3 parallel strings of 10 modules of 23 MFe installed in a cabinet and can be extended to 4 cabinets as an option to increase backup time.


The system installed will secure the control system of the chemical production process of the plant. For production quality, as well as for security and environmental reasons, chemical manufacturing processes should not be interrupted. Providing high quality, reliable power is essential and furthermore, it is crucial that the power supply system is rugged in design to continuously operate in harsh environments. Protect 8 UPS fitted with Flex’ion SLFPTM batteries is a robust and reliable solution which has proven track records in securing power for demanding critical applications. Using lithium-ion batteries in combination with the system was a way to answer the second challenge which was the limited footprint. The solution installed allows for a reduction of the battery volume by 60%, is 3 times more compact and 6 times lighter compared to VRLA lead-acid. Therefore, it saves the additional cost of a dedicated battery room and traditional battery maintenance. The batteries are, by design, suitable for mission critical applications and only require very light maintenance.


“For the past two years, the Dow global technical Power Electronics network investigated the possibility to use Li-Ion batteries to replace lead acid batteries at our chemical plants. We determined that the elimination of battery rooms and maintenance, as well as the smaller footprint offered by the Li-Ion batteries provided a significantly reduced long term Cost of Ownership, explains Jörg Harenberg


Sr.Electrical Design Technical Leader at Dow Chemical. “For the current project, we needed a UPS system, but were confronted by limited battery space and so we asked AEG Power Solutions, one of Dow’s preferred UPS suppliers, to make a proposal. AEG Power Solutions provided a solution using a UPS with Li.Ion battery technology  and with SAFT, another preferred vendor of ours, as the battery supplier.


During the acceptance test at the Saft factory, we observed the new technology and offered suggestions for interface improvements; both Saft and AEG Power Solutions were very accommodating. The building, commissioning and start-up of the system went very smoothly, and we have been very pleased with the results.”


“Last year we tested the solution explains Anatoli Falk, product manager at AEG Power Solutions. Reducing maintenance, reducing the volume of the global power system, having batteries whose life cycle is closer to that of the UPS is answering an increasing market requirement. We are pleased of the success of this first installation with such a long-time partner as Dow Chemical.”


AEG Power Solutions has partnered with Saft since 2017 to embed Lithium-ion batteries in its industrial UPS systems to provide an enhanced solution to its customers, benefiting both from the rugged proven design of the Protect 8 series and from the advantages of the lithium-ion batteries increasing the backup availability in a significantly more compact volume. Engineering performed to combine the battery management system with the UPS user interface allows the Protect 8 series to operate with Flex’ion Lithium-ion batteries.



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