AEG Power Solutions participant in BCSSD – Basque Cyber Security Shared Data

AEG Power Solutions participant in BCSSD – Basque Cyber Security Shared Data

Following up its commitment to cybersecurity, AEG Power Solutions is actively participating in this European R&D project to proactively improve the group’s cybersecurity posture.



The BCSSD – Basque Cyber Security Shared Data project objective is to research and work on the development of collaborative spaces for industrial cybersecurity data that reliably seek sharing and facilitate the exchange of cybersecurity data that is currently dispersed and difficult to access. To achieve this, the project will work towards the following objectives:

  • Create a decentralized space for sharing cybersecurity information among companies and organizations in the Basque industrial sector, aiming to improve their cyber resilience and competitiveness.
  • Investigate mechanisms and technologies for automation in the collection, cataloguing, enrichment, and analysis of relevant data from indicators of compromise (IoCs) and industrial malware from open and/or private sources.
  • Develop cyber intelligence tools and services that enable users to generate valuable knowledge about the security threats they face and take measures to strengthen their security.
  • Validate and experiment with the solutions designed in real industrial ecosystems, with the participation of leading companies in their sectors.

Consortium / Participating Entities:

  • Perseus Ciberseguridad S.L.
  • Bullhost
  • CodeSyntax
  • JakinCode
  • S21Sec
  • Secure&IT
  • Teknei
  • AEG Power Solutions Ibérica
  • Fagor Arrasate
  • Tecnalia
  • GAIA
  • Ikerlan
  • Koniker


Project Data:

  • Budget: 3,1M€
  • Project Duration: 30 months / 2023 – 2025
  • Project Type: BCSSD is a project funded by the Basque Government within the R&D support program of SPRI “HAZITEK”.


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