AEG Power Solutions Supplying H2B2 with DC-3 Power Supply for Ecopetrol Group’s integral hydrogen operation in Bogotá
AEG Power Solutions Supplying H2B2 with DC-3 Power Supply for Ecopetrol Group’s integral hydrogen operation in Bogotá

  • AEG Power Solutions provides a green hydrogen production optimised power supply system consisting of a DC-3 hybrid rectifier and a 230 kVA transformer.
  • Both will be integrated by H2B2 in a plug&play electrolyzer container solution.
  • The equipment will produce green hydrogen for Ecopetrol Group’s integrated hydrogen operation that will fuel heavy vehicles, such as buses.



Ecopetrol’s electrolyzer

Zwanenburg, The Netherlands, April 19, 2023 – AEG Power Solutions (AEG Power Solutions), global provider of power systems and solutions for all types of critical and sustainable applications, has successfully commissioned the DC-3 power supply and a 230 kVA transformer. AEG Power Solutions designed the solution to fit in a 40-foot container along with the H2B2 PEM EL30N electrolyzer. This equipment will produce 65 kg/day of green hydrogen with renewable energy for the Ecopetrol Group, which has a goal of zero net carbon emissions by 2050.


The DC-3 rectifier has been selected as the solution of choice thanks to its high efficiency in partial load scenarios, which is especially the case when intermittent renewable energy sources feed the electrolyzing process. AEG Power Solutions’ hybrid approach combines the advantages of IGBT and Diode technology. Thanks to a very low THDi and a very high power factor of up to 1, grid compliance can usually be achieved without the need for additional offsets or filters. The system has low DC ripple over the entire load range, which is required by many electrolyzer manufacturers.


The system was shipped and commissioned by H2B2 earlier this year, and the inauguration of the Ecopetrol Group’s low-emission hydrogen production plant was inaugurated at the end of March 2023. The refueling station will use H2B2’s EL30N electrolyzer, which will produce and supply approximately 3 kg/h of renewable hydrogen for a bus in the Bogotá D.C. public transport system in Colombia.


H2B2, which is Ecopetrol’s partner in developing the strategic plan for low-carbon hydrogen in Colombia, has been commissioned to execute and install a US$3.5 million low-emission hydrogen production and supply station in Colombia. This electrolytic hydrogen generation system is located at a refueling station for buses and light vehicles.


Anselmo Andrade, CEO of H2B2, has valued “the collaboration with AEG Power Solutions, during the project will allow the development of joint solutions for the different electrolyzers to be supplied by H2B2 in the future”.


Jörg Liedloff, VP Business Development Energy Transition, underlined “AEG Power Solutions is very proud to supply our rectifier and transformer solution for the second project of H2B2. It shows that we have a very flexible, scalable and modular solution which fits for various kinds of integration. We are looking forward to extending our fruitful cooperation with H2B2.”



About H2B2

Created in 2016, H2B2 is a leading technology company within the renewable energy sector with two decades of experience in the production, processing and development of hydrogen through electrolysis. With a presence in Spain, the United States, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom, its goal is to generate solutions that cover the entire value chain and enable the vertical integration of this energy source. For more information, visit or connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.


About AEG Power Solutions

AEG Power Solutions is an independent international company and a global leader in power supply and conversion for industrial and renewable applications with distinctive expertise in AC and DC technologies. The portfolio comprises a wide range of reliable and tailored AC and DC UPS, battery chargers, rectifier systems and switch-mode power supplies to protect power for critical infrastructures. As a leading provider of power converters for Battery Energy Storage and rectifiers for Green Hydrogen production, AEG Power Solutions supports customers in the energy transition towards a more sustainable future. The company serves customers worldwide and is present in 14 countries.


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