AEG Power Solutions To Secure Power For The Cairo Monorail Stations

  • AEG Power Solutions was the only supplier to fully comply with end-customer stringent requirements
  • Systems chosen have proven track records in transportation applications


Zwanenburg, The Netherlands, October 28, 2021 – AEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power supply systems and solutions for all types of critical and demanding applications, today announced that LS Electric Co. Ltd, the industrial system division of LS Group, has chosen Protect 4 and Protect 8 AC UPS systems as well as Protect RCS TPRe DC rectifiers to secure power for critical loads of all Cairo monorail stations. The systems will back-up power for very essential applications ranging from track switch supplier or signaling to platform screen doors or communication systems as well as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System, contributing to the smooth and safe operation of the lines.

A consortium of Bombardier Transportation, Orascom Construction, and Arab Contractors is driving the construction and will operate and maintain the two lines under an agreement signed with Egypt’s National Authority for Tunnels (NAT). The Korean company, LS Electric Co, Ltd is in charge of power supply and distribution system for both NCC and 6OCT lines.

Cairo monorail is an ambitious public transportation project which includes the construction of two monorail lines, one 54km line connecting the New Administrative City with East Cairo and a second 42km line connecting 6th of October City with Giza.
The New Administrative Capital (NCC) line will have 22 stations and the 6th of October City(6OCT) line, 12 stations.

The back-up power systems of AEG Power Solutions were selected by LS Electric Co, Ltd as they proved to be the only solution fully compliant with the stringent requirements of NAT.

“We are very proud to be part of such an ambitious project, explain Ismail Labidi, Regional Sales Director – Africa, Turkey & Central Asia. When power reliability and thus passengers’ safety is at stake, our solutions have often no match on the market. We have significant track records in station back-up power as for Crossrail project in London, but we have also equipped successfully automatic level crossing control systems for Egyptian National Railways in the past.” To support the successful commissioning of the systems which will start in 2023, AEG Power Solutions has organized a dedicated project team with its long-time Egyptian partner Sina Engineering.


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