Convert SC Flex Successful Electrical Backbone of the Hybrid Micro-Grid of Bayero University Kano in Nigeria

– Africa’s largest off-grid solar hybrid power plant
– Convert SC Flex storage converters off-grid features demonstrated


Zwanenburg, The Netherlands, July 16, 2020–, AEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power supply systems and solutions for industrial, critical infrastructure environments and innovative power electronic applications, today announced that Convert SC Flex storage converters are running successfully as backbone of the hybrid off-grid power plant of the Bayero University Kano (BUK) in Nigeria.


Inaugurated in 2019, the hybrid micro-grid of BUK is Africa’s largest off-grid solar hybrid power plant. The remote micro-grid totals 7.1MW capacity, combining 3.5MWp of solar PV generation from 10,680 solar panels, 2.4MW of backup generators and 8.1MWh of battery energy storage.


The storage system provides grid-forming and balances load requirement with the different sources of supply. The Convert SC Flex storage converters are key in the process, operating in voltage and frequency control mode. Together with the storage battery Convert SC Flex keep the voltage and the frequency of the microgrid in its target limits, balancing rapid variations of generator output or its connected loads like pumps or lightnings. The systems are also used to black start the complete micro- grid after any kind of interruption.


Funded by the Nigerian government, the phase 1 of the project is supplying electricity to 9 universities and a teaching hospital. Two more phases are planned, to be funded respectively by the World Bank and the African Development Bank. In total over 55000 students, more than 3000 staff at universities will benefit of the program while 2850 streetlights can additionally be powered by the hybrid micro-grid.


AEG Power Solutions Convert SC Flex were selected by SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT SA., who provided the Energy storage system to METKA – business unit of MYTILINEOS S.A.- METKA West Africa is the EPC of the project.


The Convert SC Flex is a bi-directional power converter with IGBT technology. Converters are the core element of any battery energy storage system, as they charge and discharge batteries to store and provide power to meet the needs of plenty of applications.


“We are very proud to be part of such an ambitious project, explains Andreas Becker, Head of Grid & Storage inside AEG Power Solutions. Convert SC Flex embeds unique off-grid features, can be easily combined with any type of batteries and is easy to maintain. A combination that made the system perfectly suited for such micro-grid demanding applications and is now proven in the field.”



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