Introducing Advanced Modular AC & DC UPS Technology for Offshore Wind Parks
Introducing Advanced Modular AC & DC UPS Technology for Offshore Wind Parks

AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) has designed an innovative AC & DC UPS solution for electrical auxiliary system within HVAC offshore substations.

The AEG PS solution is perfectly adapted to the project requirements, as specified by the customer:

  • Streamline system dimensions and weight, given the high cost per square meter in offshore substations.
  • Guarantee unrivalled system reliability combined with reduced Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).
  • Ensure exceptional energy efficiency for substantial energy savings.
  • Establish robust remote communication with the onshore supervision center, supported by state-of-the-art cybersecurity protocols, to obtain complete information on system status.


The AEG PS solution is based on MIPe modular switch-mode rectifier systems and MIP INV modular inverters. This N+1 redundant solution perfectly meets the customer’s requirements. What’s more, the fact that MIP technology has a long track record of working on site and in the same industrial applications, as well as the fact that the rectifier modules and controller are of AEG Power Solutions design, convinced the customer.

The attractiveness of this solution is further enhanced by AEG PS global service network, which guarantees fast and responsive support throughout the installation and commissioning phases, across geographical borders.



Offshore Wind Park located in French Atlantic coast


Auxiliary system in the HVAC offshore substations


Products AEG PS

  • AC UPS : 110V/450A battery chargers with45kVA 3 phase inverters
  • DC UPS : 110V/83A battery chargers


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