Introducing the Analog Controlled Rectifier for Offshore Wind Parks
Introducing the Analog Controlled Rectifier for Offshore Wind Parks

AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) has developed a solution for auxiliary electrical systems in offshore and onshore HVDC substations.


AEG PS’s solution is designed to align with the customer’s overriding requirements for the highest possible availability and security. AEG PS’s commitment to these values is the cornerstone of all the work on the grid.


At the heart of our innovation is the AEG PS- Profitec S N1 series of rectifiers. Proven in the harsh environments of nuclear power plants, this series of rectifiers is ideally suited to offshore applications. Three key features highlight the suitability of the Profitec S N1 series for this project:

  1. Natural cooling: the rectifier is equipped with natural cooling mechanisms, streamlining maintenance operations.
  2. Analogue control: for unrivalled security, the rectifier is governed by a fully analogue control system, making it invulnerable to external intrusion.
  3. Shock and vibration testing: due to the harsh offshore environment, the equipment undergoes exhaustive shock and vibration testing, demonstrating its resilience and adaptability.

The attractiveness of this solution is further enhanced by AEG PS global service network, which guarantees fast and responsive support throughout the installation and commissioning phases, across geographical borders.



Offshore Wind Park in the North Sea



  • auxiliary system in the
    HVDC offshore substations
  • auxiliary system in the
    HVDC onshore substations

Products AEG PS

  • 2 x Rectifier Profitec S N1 220V/1250A
  • Analogue control & natural cooling
  • 2 x Inverter Protect INV3 220V/120kVA with SBS
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