Surge Protection for home and office

Surges can be caused, for example,by lightning striking near your premises. Lightning induces voltage surges in conductors and cables that can damage any connected equipment. Also switching in households, for example with fluorescent lamps and conventional ballast, can cause surges in the bulding‘s wiring system. The steadily growing number of electronic household appliances and entertainment units over the last few years has also increased the extent of damage. A single power surge can quickly lead to costly damages amounting to thousands of Euros, as smaller components often have close tolerance limits for the power supplied. If they are damaged, the entire unit has to be repaired. This is often complicated and costly. AEGPS' surge protection devices provide effective protection.

Surge Protection
  • Surge Protector

    Protection for all standard applications
  • Surge Protector

    Protection on the way with protected USB chargers
  • Surge Protector

    Intelligent protection for entertainment equipment with Master-Slave-Function
  • Surge Protector

    Security for various applicaions with protected USB chargers
  • Surge Protector

    Business solution with surge protection
  • Surge Protector

    Compact protection for PC and peripheral equipment

Data & IT

PROTECT: Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Surge Protection

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10 years warranty 

All surge protectors have a 10 years standard warranty

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